A5 Cahier Tomoe River Notebook - The Details

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Pebble Stationery Co A5 Cahier Tomoe River Notebook

There's only 3 days to go before our Kickstarter Campaign for the A5 Cahier Tomoe River Notebook goes live. Here's a sneak peek of the notebook and campaign details!

Notebook Details:

Pebble Stationery Co A5 Cahier Tomoe River Notebook

Just like our Pocket Tomoe River Notebook, the A5 Cahier Tomoe River notebook features a contrasting light blue stitching, which is subtle and elegant.

Crisp, grey dots gently guide your writing without being intrusive. 

Our notebooks feature page numbers, so you can organise your notes just like bigger notebooks with more pages.

The Campaign:

Our Kickstarter Campaign will launch on Tuesday, the 25th of June, at 9am (+8 GMT, Western Australian Standard Time). The campaign will only last 14 days, ending on Tuesday, 9th of July. 

All rewards are capped and there is the opportunity to save up to 23% on the retail price of the notebook. There are also limited Early Bird reward tiers available.

Pledges are expected to be sent to backers by August, 2019. If you have followed our previous campaign (the Pocket Tomoe River Notebook), you will know that we were able to fulfil our pledges ahead of our schedule. 

As with our last campaign, we will be continuing our community support work with this new campaign. For every notebook sold, we will donate 1 pencil to a child in need. It's just our small way of giving back to the community.  

Thank you in advance for your support. Its thanks to your help that we can bring this notebook to life!

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