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A5 Cahier Tomoe River Notebook reviews

The Pen Addict Podcast"Its a softbound notebook but the covers are super grid Tomoe River paper is my thing" (paraphrased, Timestamp 8.00)

Mountain of Ink"Tomoe River is my favourite for fountain pens....The binding is stitched and held up really well for me"

Macchiato Man - "This is the best, for me, A5 Tomoe River Notebook I have used. I believe it is one of if not the best on (or soon to be on) the market."

Gentleman Stationer"I appreciate the understated branding and the demure linen-weave finish...the paper is dot grid - a personal favourite"

Notebook Stories "They've kept all the great design details of the pocket notebook - same covers, endpapers, stitching and paper. And added numbering to the pages"

Yukiko Sakamura - "I adore dot grid......numbered pages (are) useful for those who index their pages bulletjournal style"

UK Fountain pens - "Very classy...The Tomoe paper takes everything you can throw at it" 

The Pocket Tomoe River Notebook reviews

Well Appointed Desk - "They are everything that you'd want in a pocket size Tomoe River Notebook"

Clicky Post - "Their design is clean and simple....what makes these special is the use of Tomoe River Paper....the fountain pen users dream paper"

Ed Jelley - "Aesthetics are on point....The high point is of course the Tomoe River paper, which is perfect for a pocket pad....this 80-page notebook is good value"

Mountain of Ink - "I love that the branding is subtle and utilitarian. Tomoe River does an amazing job handling fountain pens.........I use it daily"

Macchiato Man - "Nice and subtle....I'm confident I will keep using this notebook as my EDC notebook"

Notebook Stories - "Pebble Stationery has made a lovely pocket notebook that is a sophisticated, attractive and reasonably priced addition to the options in this category"

Alt Haven - "The paper performed beautifully, the stitching solid and strong. It is a heavy hitter despite its featherweight"

The Finer Point - "The paper is the super dreamy Tomoe River Paper, you get 80 pages in a very slim profile....makes it feel like a classic notebook"

The Pen Addict Podcast - "The Pocket Notebook is one of the better constructed notebooks out I've used for a long time" (paraphrased, Timestamp 8.00)

Nero's Notes - "If you love fountain pens, you want these notebooks. Simples."

Nero's Notes - "slim and light.....amazingly smooth surface"

Hazard Warning - "These are well made....There's a much greater desire to write things down on such lovely paper"

UnArtodoxScrawls - "I love that the notebook has provided a space for owner information and a space one can utilize for writing table of contents."

Less Stuff - "Its got a lovely texture that makes it really easy to find in your handbag" (Timestamp 1.52)