Franklin Christoph Penvelope 6 in Napa Black

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Pebble Stationery Co Franklin Christoph Penvelope

I love Franklin Christoph. Not only are their pens well made and great writers, their leather products are good quality, well priced and highly functional.

 They also keep very well throughout the years. I have been using the Franklin Christoph Penvelope Six every work day for the last 4 years and it still looks as good as new.

 Pebble Stationery Co Franklin Christoph Penvelope


The Penvelope Six, as the name would suggest, holds 6 pens. I have been able to fit some Kawecos on either side of the pen slots, clipped into the front leather bit, but I stopped doing this and wouldn’t recommend it as it dents the leather and it takes some time for it to un-dent. There is also a small section in front of the pens where you would be able to fit some notecards or notes, which comes in handy.

Pebble Stationery Co Franklin Christoph Penvelope


The pen slots fit “normal” sized pens. The only pens that it doesn’t fit (in my collection anyway) are the fat Nakaya Dorsal Fin 2 and the Omas Paragon – which according to the website is 1.72 cm and 1.55 cm wide respectively.

 Pebble Stationery Co Franklin Christoph Penvelope 

On the other end of the scale, ironically, the only pens I own that are too small to fit into the slots are Franklin Christophs – the Marietta 20 and the 45. The full style Marietta is not as much of a problem as I can normally push the pen from the bottom to get it out, but I have had problems with the pocket version falling into the slot. It was very difficult getting it out again, I think I resorted to tweezers. I have also had the Marietta fling out of the case when flicking the top of the pen case open, because the diameter of the pen was too small to stay in the pen slot.

Surprisingly, from a length point of view, it comfortably fits the Franklin Christoph 66 Stabilis, which is 6.3 inches long and easily the longest pen I own. It could potentially fit an even longer pen, as there is still room in the case with the Stabilis 66 in place.

Franklin Christoph has changed their leathers up a few times since I purchased mine and they have a few more options available now including this Napa Black. I highly recommend this pen case if you need one and don't need to hold very large or smaller, clipless pens. 

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