Update on 2021 Stationery Resolutions - Use up old notebooks

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Last year, as part of my Stationery Resolutions, I resolved to use up notebooks that have been started, but still have heaps of pages left. This was a good idea – I have stacks that are tested or have been started for some purpose but either the project didn’t proceed or I didn’t need as many pages as the notebook had and the notebook just got shelved afterwards.

Pebble Stationery Co Notebook dilemma 

During this resolution, I used up 1 ish old notebooks (more on the ish later) – this isn’t for a lack of trying, though, I just don’t write that much and my handwriting is small. I’m not one of those who can scribble a few words on a page, scrawled across the lines/dots/grid and leave that as “used”. I write within the lines, small, and use up the whole page before I consider it done.


As a result of this mindset, I got a bit carried away with “completing a notebook” – this is where my “ish” comes in. I used up an A5 Cahier notebook, but when I finished it, I decided that there were many pages where the page hadn’t fully been used up. This started with half pages, but I started getting carried away with say 5-10 lines that remained on the page. Now for all my completionist views on notebooks, let’s be honest here – we run a notebook business. I have easily a lifetime’s worth of notebooks available to me. This level of pedantic-ness is completely unnecessary even without the supply.

Pebble Stationery Co Notebook dilemma 

The main thing this did was made me feel extremely disorganised and stressed as a result. Altogether it wasn’t a pleasant experience and completely unnecessary.

Pebble Stationery Co Notebook dilemma 

At the same time, despite having so many notebooks, I go through a “notebook worthiness” mental check of anything that needs to be written down – does it deserve its own notebook? Why/why not? How will I organise? How many pages will this project need? What notebook would be perfect? What layout do I want/need? What pen will I use? I know many people go through this, so I’m not alone. It is only when the answers are right to all of these questions that the project is designated a New, dedicated notebook, which will have been picked to be the right size, dimensions, layout and paper.

Pebble Stationery Co Notebook dilemma 

So what is the take home out of all this?

  • Catch all notebook – for all of those things that need to be written down but don’t need its own place for it. This can be an old notebook to be used up – but use whole pages and find a way to organise (table of contents of the Washi tape method).
  • If I really want to start a new notebook – start a new notebook! I have enough of them.
  • I will not finish all of the notebooks I own – in this business, I test out each and every notebook I purchase, so they all get “started”. You just can’t use them all up.
  • Don’t get stressed out about notebooks! This is supposed to be fun. (also who stresses about notebooks?)

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