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I’m not one for new year’s resolutions, because I typically think if you have something you want to change or start, there’s no reason to wait till the new year. However, with stationery it can be a little different (for me anyway). For example, starting a new planner in the new calendar year makes sense and it makes sense to improve or change your planner as a result. So I thought I might share my stationery resolutions for this year.


1. Use up notebooks.

Pebble Stationery co Stationery Resolutions

I’ve amassed a collection of notebooks that I seem to keep purchasing even though I now make notebooks for a living. If you thought starting a stationery company would mean you would stop buying the very thing you make, think again. This is a small selection of the notebooks I’ve got that I want to use up. Most of these take non-Fountain Pens (or I prefer to use non-Fountain Pens in them).


2. Spend more time with some lesser used pens

Pebble Stationery Co Stationery Resolutions 2021

I don’t think I used any of the pens shown in this photo in 2020. There’s no reason why I didn’t use them, I just didn’t and I really should. I love all of these pens but I’ve been stuck in a bit of a pen rut, picking the same pens to use over and over again.


3. Spend more time with lesser used inks

Pebble Stationery Co Stationery Resolutions 2021

Ditto with inks – I have a lot of nice ones that just haven’t been touched in 2020, some are old favourites. For example Tsuki yo has long been one of my desert island inks, so why it hasn’t been used all year, I could not tell you. Just stuck in an ink rut.


4. Use non-FP’s more

Pebble Stationery Co Stationery Resolutions

I have a number of nice rollerball pens that don’t get used often enough. For example, the Parker Sonnet shown here was purchased (because I love the colourway) and not yet used. I really must use these pens more which is a good resolution to have along with number 1.


5. Pass on items I don’t use

Pebble Stationery Co Stationery Resolutions 2021

Sometimes tastes and preferences change. I started out my fountain pen journey seemingly wanting to collect every blue black ink in existence apparently, but now I have a handful of blue blacks I enjoy using and don’t touch the others. I need to go through my collection and keep what I will actually use and pass on the items I don’t. They’re doing no good sitting in my drawers and would be better off used by someone else instead.

I want to be more mindful about the things that I buy and not just jump onto the latest trend and to make sure that I only buy and keep things I really want and will continue to want over time.

6. Take the time to do some daily planning

Pebble Stationery Co Stationery Resolutions 2021

I complained over and over again in 2020 that during lockdown/stay at home I did no planning and that bad habit stayed with me even after we came out of lock down. I'd really like to resume this as I found it helpful to take a few minutes each morning to sort out what I'm going to do and get organised. 


Do you have any stationery resolutions this year? 

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