Using up old notebooks

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Pebble Stationery Co Using up old notebooks

I’m a bit of a notebook completionist. I hate leaving half used notebooks around and I typically try and use them up if I can help it. This has been exacerbated by the recent Tomoe River Paper announcement (must not waste Tomoe!) but I’ve always been this way – I can’t bear leaving notebooks half used.


I don’t mean using up every last page of every notebook I own – a handful of pages I don’t mind too much, but in a recent clean out of notebooks, I found 4 notebooks that were less than have used, with more than 80 pages in each one still to be used. So I started writing practise in each one.

Pebble Stationery Co Using up old notebooks

My writing is not so spectacular that it will end up being a treasured heirloom a la F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby draft. If it does, then future generations of readers can have my notes along with my project management course notes and my work notes to nosy at along with my draft.


Do you use up all of your notebooks?

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